Message from DIU

  • Your interest in our University is most welcome and very much appreciated. Darul Ihsan University (DIU), the oldest amongst the Private Universities of Bangladesh established by the Darul Ihsan Trust. The Trust was founded by us with the idea of setting up an institution which is post-modernist in outlook and faith based in philosophy. Accordingly DIU was set up to pursue this philosophy and inculcate the moral values in the minds of our students to serve the interest of the country better than those of other institutions. I am very happy that DIU has been successful in producing quality, creative learners in different field of learning and scholarship. We have earned this reputation by ensuring a unique congenial academic atmosphere to meet up the changing and growing needs in all the sectors. The Faculty Members of DIU deserve appreciation for their constant perseverance and attempt to enrich the learners with skillful knowledge by formal lectures, class-lesson, group discussions, case studies and company based projects to face the challenges of the hour. DIU emphasis's the importance of merit in everything it does. It is progressively increasing its entrance standards and demands high quality student performance. If you want to become part of DIU, you will need to understand and accept this emphasis on academic standards, and the consequences of not performing at your best. We hope that you will understand and accept that we are doing this in the interest of students, the University and the nation. We want our students to study together with other high quality students genuinely committed to higher education. We welcome your interest and invite your further inquiry and hope that you might join us later as one of the elite students of DIU and the nation. With best wishes, Darul Ihsan University.